About Us

Passion with a Purpose

We are passionate about developing natural pharmaceutical formulations for healthcare practitioners so they can treat pain safely and effectively. 

About Us

Our passion is developing groundbreaking natural and pharmaceutical formulations to alleviate suffering in the world. 

And, today, we have over 20 years’ experience in creating some of the safest and most effective OTC products on the market. 

Our new MYCO CLINIC line is the product of that passion, created specifically for HCPs to help alleviate their patients’ suffering.  

With MYCO CLINIC, we combined our proprietary natural formulations with naturally derived active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and the extraordinary ‘natural-wonder’ properties of functional mushrooms. 

The result is a new holistic powerhouse formulation with game-changing potency that delivers disruptive pain relief for in-clinic and home use.

Natural Pharmaceutical
Pain Relief