MYCO CLINIC Education Center

Welcome to the MYCO CLINIC education center

We understand that as a clinician, you want to give the best care to your patients. That’s why we’ve created a resource area for you to learn about medicinal mushrooms and other natural ingredients, expand your clinical knowledge, and hone your business skills. 

Mushrooms Explained

Scientific research has proven that functional mushrooms exhibit a broad spectrum of pharmacological activities, particularly anti-inflammatory properties. Here, you can learn the science behind nature’s powerful ingredients to help you understand their efficacy and explain them confidently to your patients. 

Clinical Research

As a clinician, it’s important to keep up with the latest scientific research in your field and on the products you use. You can use this area as a one-stop-shop to get your pressing questions answered from emerging research on pain relief to updates in laws and regulation.  

Grow Your Practice

You might have impeccable clinical skills, but without business savviness, it only takes you so far in a competitive market. To help you maintain that extra edge, we’ve created a centralized area for you to get up-to-date business tips and resources for running a modern private practice.