Frequently Asked Questions

Pain Relief

MYCO CLINIC’s topical products can be used to relieve pain associated with simple backaches, arthritis, sprains and strains, and bruises.  

MYCO CLINIC topicals contain two powerful counterirritant analgesics, menthol and camphor, which distract the pain signals to the pain with cooling and heating sensations when applied topically. This induces vasodilation, which promotes blood flow to the muscles and joints. Meanwhile, functional mushrooms are rich in anti-inflammatory properties. The combination of these activities work synergistically to offer penetrating relief for musculoskeletal pain .

No. You should not use hot stones or heat lamps when using MYCO CLINIC on your patients. You should also advise your patients not to use heating pads when they use MYCO CLINIC topical pain relief products.  

It is not advisable to use MYCO CLINIC creams, ointments, sticks, or oils with any other product; particularly if it contains pain relieving ingredients. Unless you are trained in natural remedies, you should not apply any other product before or after you apply a MYCO CLINIC topical.  

No. Since our products have a heating effect, they should not be applied to sunburned or damaged skin.  


Mycology is the branch of biology concerned with the study of fungi. What are bioceuticals? Bioceutical refers to a pharmaceutical alternative which can have physiological benefits – a term that our MYCO CLINIC scientists feel best describes the potent USDA organic functional mushroom extracts that have been expertly selected for our proprietary formulations. 

No, our mushrooms are USDA grade functional mushrooms. They should not be confused with psychedelic mushrooms, which contain hallucinogenic properties.  

‘Functional mushrooms’ refers to varieties of mushrooms that have health benefits beyond nutrition. These special mushrooms are recognized for their high nutrient density and chemical compounds, which support many biological functions in the body.   

Functional mushrooms are loaded with nutritional content and compounds containing anti-inflammatory properties that can help contribute to healthy muscles and people recover from workouts.  

Functional mushrooms contain compounds that support a healthy inflammatory response in the body including polysaccharides, carotenoids, essential fatty acids, steroids, and more.  


No. MYCO CLINIC does not contain NSAIDS, steroids, or harsh chemicals that can exacerbate symptoms.  

No, our topical products are not transdermal. They do not enter the bloodstream, therefore they are unlikely to interfere with medications. If your patients have a concern, they should speak to their primary care doctor or treating physician. To date, negative reactions to medications have not been reported. 

The pregnant or nursing patient should be advised to consult with a treating physician before using MYCO CLINIC topicals.  

Our topical products are manufactured in an FDA registered andaudited cGMP manufacturing facility in Rhode Island.  

No. All our ingredients are clean, vegetarian or vegan-friendly, naturally sourced, and/or USDA organic extracts. We also do not test on animals. 

How to use MYCO CLINIC

Creams are water-based, and ointments are oil-based. Since water absorbs faster, it is less oily than an ointment and the smell dissipates faster.  

You should apply about a dime sized amount (1-1.5 grams) per application for the average patient. We recommend using our topicals 3-4 times a day, or as necessary. 

Apply a small amount and gently massage it into the skin for 30-seconds. 

MYCO CLINIC should not be applied to any area with exposed mucous membranes including the face, eyes, or groin, as well as any area with broken, sunburned, or damaged skin.  

The effects of the products can vary from person to person. The ointments and sticks are wax and oil based, so they generally last a little longer than a cream. You can expect the cooling effects to last about 4 hours on average.