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I tried all the creams and nothing worked. Last night, when I came home to rest, I put some of the cream on. I laid down for half an hour and then I got up and I could actually move my ankle again. So as far as I’m concerned, all the other creams just don’t work, just to be honest. And this cream actually works. MYCO CLINIC is really good and I’m really grateful for you.


Nirinjan Khalsa, D.C

Well, I fell down a couple of days ago…I tried the product and I loved it. It actually helped the inflammation go down in my knee. I also love the scent. It felt really calming. I just loved it. It’s wonderful.


Selina Griesser

I brought MYCO CLINIC home and I gave it to my wife first. She said, “It just got into my skin in a different way.” She loved it. And I’ve made it almost part of my nightly routine. I personally use it on my neck. 40 years of being a chiropractor and pushing on people really takes a toll on my body. I really loved using MYCO CLINIC. My wife loved it. Patients loved it. It’s really been a success here.


Dr. Daniel Fenster, D.C