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MYCO Clinic Delivery Systems 

When considering MYCO clinic for you or your clients, how do you decide which delivery system is right for you? MYCO Clinic offers ointments, creams, oils, and sticks, each of which has its own advantages and purposes, making each suitable for different conditions and situations. Understanding the differences between each modality is essential for making informed decisions about which product to use in order to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment and the overall user experience.  


Ointments are semi-solid, oil-based preparations that provide a dense, occlusive barrier on the skin’s surface. They are very effective for moisturizing and protecting the skin, as they keep moisture in the skin while forming a barrier against external irritants. Ointments have a higher lipid content compared to creams, which gives them a rich, emollient texture, and they last a long time on the skin. They are less likely to evaporate or be rubbed off and can seal in the active ingredients in medicated treatments. This allows for deep absorption and prolonged effect. Potential downsides are that ointments can feel greasy or heavy on the skin, and the oil in ointments can stain clothing. Many people do not like the heavy, greasy feeling of ointments on their face, hands, or other high-use parts of the body, and may prefer a modality that absorbs faster and more thoroughly. 

Consider ointments for stubborn symptoms and for areas with thicker skin. Massaging ointment into sore muscles can be very therapeutic. 


Water-based creams have a lighter, less greasy texture compared to oil-based ointments. They are often preferred for use on the face and in situations where a non-greasy, rapidly absorbed product is desired. Still moisturizing but not as intensively as ointments, creams spread smoothly over the skin and absorb easily without leaving a heavy residue. This makes them an excellent choice for daily skincare routines, as well as for individuals with oily or acne-prone skin. Creams are also often preferred when treatments need to be applied to sensitive or large areas—they do not leave greasy, heavy, residue that takes a long time to absorb fully, making them a more comfortable choice for many people.  

Consider creams for application to the face, neck, hands, and feet. Creams may be reapplied as needed without staining clothing or remaining present on the skin for long periods. 

Massage Oil

Massage oil absorbs deeply and rapidly. It is excellent for deep tissue pain but can be harder to apply in a targeted area than a cream or an ointment. It is wonderful to use over large areas, such as along the back, shoulders, buttocks, and thighs. This is an excellent option for in-office treatments but may be less suited for clients to use at home. 

  Consider massage oils for in-office pain treatments and therapeutic massage. 

Body Sticks

MYCO Clinic’s body sticks are great options for easy portability. With an oil-based preparation similar to the ointment, the sticks are applied as a thin film over an easily controlled and focused area. They provide deep absorption but may take longer than a cream to absorb fully. Because they tend to be applied as a thin layer, they may absorb more rapidly than a traditional ointment. 

Consider the body sticks for on-the-go use, and for easy post-exercise treatment.  


Choosing which modality of MYCO Clinic product delivery system is best depends on the specific needs of the individual as well as the intended use of the product. Those who have dry skin or otherwise prefer deeper moisturization may prefer an oil-based preparation, while those who prefer a quick-absorbing product without a greasy residue may prefer a water-based cream. Those who prioritize effortless application and transport may prefer the body stick, while those who are having treatments done in the office may benefit from a deep tissue massage with the MYCO Clinic massage oil. Some people may prefer to have more than one option available to them and change what they use depending on their circumstances. At MYCO Clinic, we know that no two people are the same and that everyone has diverse needs and treatment goals, which is why we prioritize having options available. Whatever modality you prefer, MYCO Clinic is happy to offer it. 

MYCO ClLINIC topicals with mushroom closeup images

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