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Spend your time providing invaluable treatment and less time searching for new patients. Provide powerful products that will make them come to you.

Sure, you strive to help people feel better, or maybe you would have chosen another profession.

But you also must help yourself.

That, unfortunately, has a price attached to it.

  • Your overhead costs.
  • Your professional tools.
  • Your hidden costs (e.g., forced closure during COVID-19).

It all adds up.

This is why diversifying your revenue stream has become more important than ever.

You have probably heard this statement from economic influencers, KOLS, or friends. But financial planning is not usually a clinician’s forte.

And why would it be? Your primary job is to help people feel better.

But there are risks with relying on one income stream including (but not limited to):

  • Decreased patient load
  • Lowered insurance
  • reimbursement rates
  • Temporary or permanent disability
  • Malpractice lawsuits (justified or unjustified)
  • Forced closure
  • Office politics
  • Burnout
  • And more

Let MYCO CLINIC topicals speak for themselves

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Use MYCO CLINIC Alongside the Treatment You Already Provide

Start using MYCO CLINIC pain relief topicals in session and send your patients home with a small container for personal use. Watch your patients return again and again for more. It practically advertises itself. 

Expand Your Services for Financial Freedom and Protection

We do not have to explain the value of extra income to you. The most important takeaway is that feeling of financial protection and freedom so you can continue doing what gives you meaning.

And what better way to do that than by working a secondary income directly into your services?

Fortunately, you do not have to put extra work into creating a new business plan. We have put together a short ebook to help you hone your business skills so you can boost your practice effortlessly.


Here are just a few sample ways you can enhance your services and increase your revenue with MYCO CLINIC topicals.

Use a sample on yourself and review it

There is no better way to understand how to speak about a product than testing it out on yourself. That is why influencers and key opinion leaders (KOLS) have become a priority in advertising budgets. Just telling people about MYCO CLINIC could be your best no-hassle promotion. You can save countless hours and money on professional advertising.

Demonstrate MYCO CLINIC during a session

Get immediate feedback from patients during their regular treatment. You can use a small amount on a patient before and/or after treatment. The real-time introduction to the powerful cooling and heating action combined with your expert explanation can lead to instant sales.

Sell MYCO CLINIC easily without pushy marketing tactics

Sell MYCO CLINIC to your patients to use at home. Your patients are bound to tell their friends about how much it helps them get through their therapeutic exercises–or day. Enjoy the pleasant surprise of new patients when they hear how great it works. Then take note of what sells out the fastest and keep it in stock.

Safe and Natural Pain Relief

Our powerful topicals are formulated completely with nature’s best ingredients. We have combined monographed natural active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), menthol and camphor, at the highest concentration available.

To enhance the formula, we have put them into a special blend of botanical extracts, scientifically proven functional mushrooms, and all-natural carrier oils.

Our products do not contain any steroids, NSAIDS, opioids, methyl salicylates, or artificial chemicals that may contribute to unwanted side effects with long-term use.

Let MYCO CLINIC topicals speak for themselves

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Let MYCO CLINIC topicals speak for themselves