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Why Fight Inflammation? 

Inflammation is a complex physiological response that is intended to be a protective mechanism. The body utilizes inflammation to fight and repair infection or injury. The hallmarks of inflammation—redness, heat, and swelling—occur when the body directs white blood cells, inflammatory cytokines, and increased blood flow to the area in order to contain and eliminate the cause of injury or infection. Once the threat is contained, the inflammatory response typically declines, tissue healing begins, and there is a reduction in the acute pain associated with the inflammation. 

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There is nothing inherently bad or harmful about inflammation—it is only if the inflammatory process continues too aggressively or lasts too long that it begins to cause damage. Chronic inflammation, however, harms the tissues that the body was initially trying to protect, rather than just the injury or infection that originally triggered the inflammatory process. Chronic inflammation in the body has been linked to multiple illnesses, such as certain types of heart disease, inflammatory skin and bowel conditions, and autoimmune diseases. Additionally, chronic pain conditions and central sensitization are frequent consequences of chronic inflammation. Many people who develop these varied conditions also find themselves battling anxiety, depression, or other mental illnesses, as they struggle with changes to their health and abilities and the ramifications of their diagnoses. 

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These illnesses put great strain on the body of the individual, and also are a significant contributor to societal morbidity and disability. Due to the high toll of chronic inflammation, it is beneficial to reduce chronic inflammation whenever possible. Managing chronic inflammation through lifestyle choices, such as a healthy diet, regular exercise, and stress reduction, is essential for preventing the negative consequences associated with prolonged immune activation, but it is often not sufficient. In order to further reduce inflammation, clinicians often recommend NSAIDs or steroids. Unfortunately, both of these can lead to adverse reactions and unpleasant side effects with excessive or continued use. The development of less harmful pain relief and anti-inflammatory options offers benefits, both to individuals and to society as a whole.  

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Scientific research has shown that certain mushrooms possess anti-inflammatory properties. These mushrooms, known as functional mushrooms, contain components, such as beta-glucans and antioxidants, that modulate the body’s inflammatory response and protect against tissue damage, . 

 MYCO CLINIC is the first to offer non-prescription pain relief topical products that combine these powerful functional mushroom extracts with maximum strength FDA-listed active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). MYCO CLINIC is backed by years of advanced, proprietary, natural-pharmaceutical scientific research, and is proud to be on the forefront of pain relief and the fight against  chronic inflammation. 

MYCO ClLINIC topicals with mushroom closeup images

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